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Who we are and why we set up this site

Having problems finding a pair of shoes in just the right shade to go with the rest of your outfit? Sick of spending ages looking for just the right colour top only to realise it's sold out in your size and you have to start all over again?

Then you've come to the right place.

Clothing By Colour was set up to help you find clothes, shoes and accessories in really specific shades. It drives us mad trawling through hundreds of search results at different shops where the only way we can narrow the search is to choose from a small set of basic colours.

Our aim is to get you much closer to finding that perfect shade in a fraction of the time.

There are over fifty-thousand named shades of blue alone and the difference from one shade to another can be massive. One shade might perfectly compliment your outfit while another may ruin the whole look.

The human eye can perceive millions more colours. Obviously we can't narrow our palette down that much (and it wouldn't help if we did!) but a choice of basic primary colours to search with just isn't enough. After all, colour and style are the two most important choices we make when we pick our clothes.

Every week we process thousands of products from multiple UK fashion retailers and painstakingly sort them into 156 different colour categories so you spend less time looking for the colours you want. Our database is updated daily and when items sell out they disappear from our search results. We hate it when websites tease us with things we can't buy any more.

We're always open to comments, critique and suggestions so let us know what you think and get in touch via our blog, contact page, Facebook or Twitter.

Clothing By Colour was founded by...

Anna Feather

Anna is the writer and feature editor at Clothing By Colour.

Chris Hardy

Chris is the technical brains behind Clothing By Colour.

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