Which colours suit me?

Do you ever look at people and wonder why a colour suits them but not you? Do you struggle to see if a colour suits you or not when you're trying something on?

Certain colours seem to make one person look vibrant and beautiful while the same colours make another look pale and washed out. Knowing what suits you gives you a massive confidence boost buying and wearing colour, especially from the compliments you receive as a result of it.

A lot of people think you need an eye for colour and it's something that you either have or haven't got. Even if you don't have an eye for colour it doesn't mean finding shades that suit you should be difficult.

The secret to finding out what colours suit you lays in finding out your colour season.

What are colour seasons?

Colour seasons are widely agreed as the best way of finding out which colours suit you. A Google search for what colours suit me brings up long list of websites about seasonal colour analysis and how to find out your colour season.

Seasonal colour analysis was first practised by Suzanne Caygill in the 1950s and it's been a tried and tested technique for sixty years.

Each season contains a palette of colours that complement each other and suit certain types of people. There are four main colour palettes - spring, summer, autumn and winter - and everyone will suit the colours in one of these seasons. Depending on your skin tone you'll suit some colours in your season more than others.

Once you know which colour season you are it makes shopping easier, faster, more fun and you'll spend much less time trying things on.

Who did you notice first in this picture?

DIY Colour Analysis

There are ways to find out your own colour season, but I really recommend having a personal consultation with a professional colour analyst. Some websites will have a checklist or questionnaire that will help you find your own season, but these blanket rules aren't always 100% correct for everyone.

Although people with similar features (like hair or eye colour) often share the same colour season, the season you suit depends almost entirely on the undertone colour of your skin. The differences can be so subtle that answering a few basic questions just isn't enough to guarantee you've got it right.

Trying to work out your own colour season is a false economy. It's like building a wall if you don't know how - you can spend hours of your time researching how to do it yourself or you can hire a builder with years of experience who'll do the job properly and in a fraction of the time it takes you to learn and practice.

Professional Colour Analysis

In my opinion if you don't visit a professional for a colour analysis then you're relying on luck to get it right.

If you're not sure if it's something you really want to spend your hard earned money on then think of it like this: over the course of your life how much money have you spent on items of clothing that have sat unworn in your wardrobe for months or even years? Chances are you ended up giving them away to a friend or charity, or selling them at a loss on eBay. A colour analysis will save you money in the long run since you don't make as many bad buys.

A consultation with House Of Colour costs £115 and includes a personalised booklet detailing your strongest colours and a swatch wallet to take shopping with you. Find your nearest consultant.

The Colour Me Beautiful colour consultation service is priced at £105 and includes a 42 colour swatch wallet to take with you. Find your nearest consultant.

There's a discussion at Mumsnet comparing the two companies to help you decide who you'd prefer.

I can't give an un-biased opinion personally as I haven't tried both companies but if you live in West or South Yorkshire I would certainly recommend Karina Leacock from House Of Colour. You can find Karina on Facebook.

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